Requirements For Reporting
  • Cost: Cost for submitting data to Christian SoundScan is absolutely nothing! All that is needed is the ability to electronically send the data to Christian SoundScan by either modem, email or FTP in the format required and have a SAN or CRN.
  • POS System: A POS System is not required, but it makes it easier to report using one. As long as the file is transmitted as an electronic file in the proper spec format, Christian SoundScan will accept it. Some of the POS systems we work with are Bookstore Manager, IRT/IBID, and Booklog.
  • CRN/SAN: A SAN or CRN is required for all electronic submissions to Christian SoundScan. A CMTA Reporting Number (CRN) is a unique ID number assigned to retail reporters. If your store does not have a SAN, please contact the CMTA at There is no cost for a CRN.
  • Set-Up Time: Once a CRN is obtained, set-up time is approximately 1-2 weeks.
  • Multiple Artists: Per Christian SoundScan policy, a retail reporter must carry at least 5 different Christian artists' titles in order to report to Christian SoundScan. In addition, each file transmission must include multiple UPCs to be processed. There are NO exceptions.
File Submission

Since Christian SoundScan charts are compiled on a weekly basis, it is imperative that the following guidelines for file submission are followed. Any problems with a file or the information contained therein may result in the exclusion of that file. Please carefully review the transmission guidelines and do not hesitate to contact the CMTA office with any additional questions you may have. Below is a list of basic details you need to know about reporting.
  • Deadlines: The deadline for files to be received is Friday 11AM (Eastern Time).
  • Reporting Week Range: SoundScan's reporting week consists of Friday through Thursday. Data is collected each week by the date range and only one week's data is processed each Friday. Any information sent outside of the current reporting week (date range) cannot be processed.
  • Transmitting: Product must be electronically reported, both sales and returns, in the same Monday-Sunday week that the transaction occurred. Any "late scans" (scans reported the week following the transaction) will be voided. See Event and Pre-Sale Guidelines for more details.
  • Event Sales: All unit sales to be processed in Christian SoundScan must be electronically reported through a retail reporter. A signed affidavit is required in addition to normal scanning procedure. All product sales must be electronically reported in the same DMA (market area) as the special event.
  • Group Sales: Christian SoundScan tracks unit sales by individual customers; they do not track bulk sales or giveaways. CMTA may contact individual stores to clarify any unusually high volume sales. Your cooperation in identifying these sales is greatly appreciated.
File Format
  • Good Files: In order for a file to be processed, it must contain all information as detailed in the File Format page. Any files missing vital header or footer information or dates of sale separating each day product was sold will be deemed as a "bad" file and cannot be included.
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