Track Sales
With Christian SoundScan access, track the sales of your audio and video titles through mainstream and Christian retail channels, along with internet sales and more. In addition to national sales data, track sales for the Top 100 markets, market share reports and more.

Christian SoundScan Summary & Policies

Chart Exposure
Christian SoundScan charts albums sales by Overall Sales, Genre, and Market Area. Eligible titles are published in Billboard Magazine on the Billboard Top Christian Albums chart and/or the Billboard Top Gospel chart.

Christian SoundScan has purchase plans to meet your needs. Contact CMTA with your specific request at

Category Codes

Here is a list of the Christian SoundScan category codes: Category Codes

Information Packet

NOTE: New Policies will be in affect starting 4/27/2015. Please download the information packet below for details.

Each record label must register each UPC with the CMTA in order for the title to be tracked in Christian SoundScan. Click on the information packet link in order to download the information neccessary to submit your title(s) for tracking: Information Packet. Find more information at our record label FAQ page.

Event Sales
There are two options for reporting event sales:

  1. Work with a third-party retailer set up as a reporter to Christian SoundScan in the same city of the event to report your scans. Please see the retail event sales instructions at
  2. Report them via atVenu. Please go to our Event Sales page.

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