Steps to Take:
  • Fax in the Sales Data Agreement. Exhibit A - Sales Data Agreement must be filled out completely and faxed in to become a Christian SoundScan reporter. Please include an email address so the SoundScan Manager can let you know when your store is set up.
  • Create the file. Exhibit B - File Format Detail and Exhibit C - File Format Example lay out the detail of the format the file should follow. If you have any questions about the format, please contact CMTA.
  • Transmit the file. Files may be sent to CMTA by either FTP or email. The email address is To transmit your file by FTP, contact CMTA to set up a FTP account. You will need to have your own FTP program is you choose that option. Please also note the deadlines and reporting week range on the previous page.
Event Sales
If your store is participating in a special event (in-store artist appearances, selling product at concerts, pre-sale campaigns, etc.), please read Exhibit D - Event & Pre-sale Guidelines. The Exhibit E - Event Affidavit must accompany all sales reported at in-store artist appearances and concerts.

CMTA Codes
Most music product will come with a six character code on the outside of the project (usually near the barcode). This code is set by the record label in order to help the retailer identify what genre the project is recommended to be stocked with. Exhibit F - Standardized Music Categorization Codes will let you know what each code means. This is purely informational and is not required for Christian SoundScan reporting.

Access to Charts and Sales
By reporting to Christian SoundScan, you will have access to all of the charts and artists' sales figures we gather each week. Once you have successfully reported, please fill out Exhibit G - Retailer Access Confidentiality Agreement and fax it in to CMTA. An ID and password will then be created for you to logon to our website to access the sales information.

Further Questions
If you have any further questions, please contact CMTA at 615-601-2682 or email

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