Increase Sales
In today's competitive market, information is power! With the weekly best- seller charts and other information available, you'll be better equipped to see what is selling nationally, regionally, and locally, arming you with information to make better buying decisions and increase sales.

Pay Nothing
It costs you nothing to become a Christian SoundScan reporter or to transmit your data to us!

Save Time
With new features and enhancements constantly being added, Christian SoundScan is designed to be a quick and easy sales tool. In addition, transmission of the data only takes minutes and can even be automated with one of our P.O.S. partners.

Draw A Crowd
As a Christian SoundScan reporter, you may also work with record labels to participate in concert sales and/or artist in-store appearances for increased sales opportunities.

Your individual store information will not be shared with a third party.

Help Artists' Ministries
Finally, becoming a Christian SoundScan reporter helps the Christian music industry and most importantly, the artists' ministries by providing more accurate sales data that opens up growth opportunities both domestically and internationally.


CMTA Codes

Most music product will come with a six character code on the outside of the project (usually near the barcode). This code is set by the record label in order to help the retailer identify what genre with whichthe project is recommended to be stocked. The CMTA Codes will let you know what each code represents.

Chart Samples

Samples of best-selling charts are listed below. As a Christian SoundScan transmitter, you will have access to the current charts each week report your sales data successfully.

Reporting Instructions

To be a Christian SoundScan reporter, you must at least carry 12 nationally distributed Christian artists/albums in your store, must be open to the public, and must sell music regularly. If you are interested in becoming a Retail Reporter for Christian SoundScan and meet all of the qualifications, please click on the link that matches your store type.
Reporter Instructions (Brick & Mortar) | Reporter Instructions (Internet & Mail-Order)

Please visit our Retailer Frequently Asked Questions page after viewing the reporter instructions for more information.

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